CNC Machines

What is CNC? What is CNC Machine Tools?
The manufacturing industry, which started with the industrial revolution, took off in the 1900s and the production industry reached its peak with the two world wars in the same century, and in the 2000s, it witnessed a modern, high-capacity and technological revolution with the active use of computer technologies.

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Almost all of the modern machines used in the manufacturing industry today have taken the pre-name of cnc and the productions have been started to be produced in series and with near-zero error margins. Today’s topic of our technical articles is what is cnc, we will focus on cnc machine tools and we will make an introduction to the cnc world

What is CNC
The word CNC means taking the initials of the English Computer Numerical Control word and abbreviation as CNC. The word cnc means Computerized Numerical Control in Turkish and it means the system in which machine tools (lathe, milling, drill…) can be operated and these processes can be controlled with the help of commands written (coded) according to a certain logic.