As always, I would like to share the map I prepared for Rome with you in this section. You can easily access the location information of all the attraction points, hotel recommendations and especially popular shopping places that I have explained to you in the list via the map.

To use the map, simply click on the link from your smartphone. Then you can click on the bookmarks to determine the most ideal transportation route from your current location.

Click to open the map of places to visit in Rome on Google Maps.

These Are As Important As The Places To Visit In Rome
Throughout the list of places to visit in Rome, I tried to give information about the 33 most important places to visit in the city. Be sure to pay attention to the following as well as places to visit:


Stay in Hotels Close to Attractions in RomeAs you can see from the list of places to visit in Rome, there is a historical area or attraction point worth seeing in the city. Therefore, staying close to the center becomes the first condition of making the best use of the limited vacation time.

Where to stay in Rome? As we have explained in detail in our article, there are 6 basic regions where accommodation can be made in the martyr. These;

The Central Train Station (Termini), which forms the transportation network;
Ideal Historical City Center for those who want to be one step away from everywhere
Rione I Monte District, full of areas reflecting the ancient history of the city
Via Veneto and its surroundings, which enchant shopping lovers
Trastevere, which draws attention with its different atmosphere
The Vatican and its surroundings are both tranquil and culturally full.
I chose the hotel for the 4-star Augusta Lucilla Palace, which is 5 minutes’ walk from Termini. Frankly, I have never regretted my decision.

As I mentioned in my Rome Airport Transportation article, it is very easy to reach Termini, the Central Train Station, from the airport in the city center. For this reason, it was nice to reach our hotel easily after a tiring flight by choosing our hotel close to this point. Transportation in the city was also easy.

Apart from its location, the hotel’s rooms and facilities such as breakfast were quite affordable compared to the overnight accommodation prices it had. If I were to go to Rome again, I would definitely take a look at the current prices of the facility. If you would like to review the hotel, please click.


How to Go to Places to Visit in Rome? As I mentioned in the section I reserved for accommodation, the number of places to visit increases incredibly as you go to the heart of Rome. As such, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of urban transportation. Otherwise, there is no limit to the money and time spent.

When it comes to public transportation in Rome, the first thing that comes to mind is city buses. There are a total of 360 lines in the capital, 22 of which operate at night.

Of course, if you are after traveling the wider area more comfortably, you can take your place in my favorite hop on hop off bus tours.

Just do not forget that the capital is a place where traffic chaos is experienced at the highest level. For this reason, you can consider staying in the historical city center and walking everywhere. Alternatively, like the locals, you can turn to Vespa or cycling.

I’ll point it out when it’s time. As I mentioned in my Rome City Transportation Guide article, the metro network is stuck in a very limited area due to the historical richness of Rome. Because wherever they have dug so far, they have encountered a different archaeological site. Therefore, the metro network could only reach a length of 60 kilometers. The task of closing this gap fell on trams and taxis.

Roma Pass: The Key to Traveling in Rome with Discount When you travel to a city like Rome, you don’t know where to stop when it comes to spending. Fortunately, in order to balance this aspect of the city, they offered the discount card called Roma Pass to the preference of us travellers.


There are two versions of the Roma Pass, valid for 48 and 72 hours. Even if your travel budget is not limited, I recommend getting this card to allocate more for entertainment and shopping. In this way, you can have the opportunity to evaluate attractive offers on transportation.

The most important advantage of Roma Pass emerges at the entrance to places like the Colosseum, which are the symbols of the city and attract great attention. If you use the discount card while entering such places, you will not only have to wait in the queue for a long time and you will save a lot on ticket prices. Moreover, the card becomes much more advantageous than it seems at first, thanks to the unified login application.

“My time in Rome is limited, the discount card won’t do much for me.” For those who say, there are alternative methods. If you wish, you can make an online reservation through the official website of the attraction you want to visit, or you can take advantage of Getyourguide’s special offers for Rome.

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